Innovative environmental solutions?
That’s what we do.

Our team of technical professionals uses a multidisciplinary approach to discover complete and thorough solutions to our clients' environmental issues.

We offer a wide range of environmental services and use a team-oriented approach, often partnering with an extensive network of experts. This allows us to consistently provide high-quality, cost-effective results for our clients. We treat each of our clients’ challenges with urgency and respect, and we work diligently to meet and exceed their expectations.

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Regulatory Negotiations

  • Environmental Investigations

  • Remediation

  • Risk Assessment

Environmental Compliance

At Rubik, we don’t see compliance as a necessary evil or regulatory burden standing the way of conducting business. Rather, we embrace it as an opportunity to find creative, holistic solutions to address a multitude of issues. This approach often results in effective collaboration between operational staff, landowners, lenders, regulators and the environmental compliance team. We also critically analyze the applicability of a regulation or other requirement before developing a compliance strategy. This ensures that we address the relevant issues and don’t create liability. Additionally, we help our clients comply with environmental liability accounting and reporting requirements.

Regulatory Negotiations

We pride ourselves on being skilled and successful negotiators who achieve practical results for our clients. By their nature, negotiations often start with divergent points of view. Through our leadership, we facilitate productive dialogue and develop collegial teams that work cohesively to reach common goals. Our success is based on establishing trust and credibility, being sensitive to regulatory limitations, and understanding our clients’ business drivers.

Environmental Investigations

Prior to conducting an environmental investigation, we ensure that we are clear about how the data we collect will be used to accomplish our client’s objectives. This is achieved by developing a preliminary conceptual model that we continually refine as our understanding of the site conditions improves. This carefully considered, risk-based approach ensures that human health and the environment are protected, data gaps are addressed, and costs are minimized.


We conduct remediation to achieve purposeful objectives and not just to satisfy a regulatory mandate. We believe it is critical for all stakeholders to have realistic expectations of the success of a remedial strategy and to understand the costs and resources required prior to implementing it. While presumptive remedies are often utilized, we constantly optimize methodologies and stay abreast of the latest technologies to provide the most cost-effective solutions. This is particularly important when dealing with emerging contaminants.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the backbone of the environmental industry. We believe it should be at the forefront of every project. Without understanding the potential risks, it’s difficult to identify the appropriate solution. Our risk assessors excel at making seemingly complex concepts accessible and easily understood. This ensures that well-informed decisions are made based on actual concerns and not perceived issues. In addition to having a strong background in toxicology and fate and transport modeling, our risk assessment team has extensive experience conducting site investigations, remediation and regulatory negotiations. Our multi-disciplinary background establishes credibility in what is sometimes a skeptical regulatory environment.