Rubik’s Recipe for Success?

We’ve built our business on three key pillars that set us apart.
Relationships, creativity and culture.


We understand that success for our clients depends on having strong, sincere relationships with all stake holders. These relationships build trust and provide immeasurable value for finding effective solutions. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ business drivers, bridging the gap with the regulatory community, and establishing trust and credibility with all parties involved. We also have strong relationships with experts in a variety of disciplines and incorporate them into our team.


In addition to our technical expertise, we pride ourselves on developing creative ideas to address our clients’ needs rather than defaulting to a cookie-cutter approach. We recognize that each issue has unique attributes and may require an individualized solution. While we draw on our extensive and diverse experience to find effective solutions, we are also willing to break out of the mold to find the best answer. This creative approach empowers our employees, encourages them not to feel constrained by common practices, and fosters collaboration.


A great culture attracts great people. Based on our dedicated staff and outstanding clients, we must be getting it right. Our culture is founded on respect, community, and the opportunity to thrive. Our clients feel and see the difference it makes. To foster our culture, we provide a flexible work environment, employ people who are passionate about work and life, sponsor and participate in cultural events, and give back to the community with our urban farm project– the Flint Street Farm.

The farm is located adjacent to our headquarters in downtown Reno and has greatly enriched our neighborhood and community. We grow and donate thousands of pounds of vegetables and hundreds of bouquets of flowers annually to local food banks and food justice projects. The farm also provides educational programs for youth and volunteering opportunities.

“At Rubik, we are passionate, original thinkers who effectively cultivate relationships to solve complex environmental issues.”

Todd leonard, Founder.